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16pc Green Stainless Steel Nail Set

16pc Green Stainless Steel Nail Set

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Product Features And Advantages

[Sharp and Durable]
Made of high-quality carbon steel which has high hardness and excellent wear resistance,the clippers are remarkably sharp that ensures you cut fingernails effortlessly and precisely.Advanced electroplating technology keeps blades rust-proof and long-lasting sharp.

[Multi-purpose Design]
The clippers have a built-in nail catcher to effectively prevent nail scraps from splashing everywherre.They also have a built-in nail file which has exquisite frosted surface to gently and comfortably grind down shape the edges of yuor nails,making your nails much smoother and more beautiful.

[Stylish Outlook]
The clippers have an outstanding appearance by taking the bionic design inspired by mantis.Beautiful lines and advanced workmanship looks elegant and attractive.

[Ergonomic Design]
With thickened handles,widened tails and smooth zinc alloy surface,our clippers will give you comfortable grip,effortless cut and easy control.

[High Grade]
Our nail clippers are high grade fingernail clippers,which are by no means cheap,low quality,poorly manufactured ones you may find elsewhere.They are high quality,well made,extremely sharp,easy to hold,good sized nail clippers.We are confident in our products and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
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